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I need to be brutally honest before we begin: There is no one on Earth I'd rather listen to LESS than a married person when it comes to advice about love sex and dating.

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However, he does excel at 'crying during Marley & Me.' Simone Campbell, a fellow MSU student, tweeted images of Ashley's Facebook post and Joey's response, writing: 'UNREAL EFFORT BY THIS KID 12/10 RESUME.' Her tweet has been liked more than 4,000 times, and plenty of people were impressed by his qualifications.Treatment with 2 m M H2O2 caused a great decrease in the intracellular ATP level, which was partially prevented by 3 aminobenzamide (3 ABA).Correspondingly, 3 ABA restored the activation of caspases and the execution of apoptosis. Idris then explained why he was chatting to the children. "I'm Idris Elba and I'm teaming up with Omaze to invite you to be my valentine.Asking one of the cheeky children whether they had been on a date before, one said: "I know a lot of good advice for one because I'm planning on one!On Sunday, one matchmaking grandmother tried to flatter the Facebook CEO by writing in a comment on his Facebook page that she always tells her granddaughters to "date the nerd" because he may just become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg, who has been responding to many, many comments lately while on paternity leave taking care of his adorable daughter Max, was quick to try (politely) changing the way she thinks about her granddaughters' future prospects. Facebook, like many of its competitors in the tech industry, has offered more transparency in recent years about its internal diversity numbers and expanded its benefits for new parents company-wide.When Zuckerberg announced his New Year’s resolution to code an artificial intelligence butler, he got a flurry of comments including one from an inspired grandmother who wrote that she regularly encouraged her granddaughters to date nerds. He said that girls should “be” the nerd rather than date ‘em – and become the next successful inventor themselves!Facebook has a commendable track record of supporting and elevating the role of women in the workplace through family-friendly programs, including egg freezing and offering new parents four months of paid parental leave.- meeting at a party, both of you for the most part sober - him asking you out that night and you rejecting him - however “Sirius Orion Black is not one to fail” and he would constantly try to win you over - after weeks of rejection you decide to give the poor boy a break, but surprise him….- you ask him to the Hogsmede trip and he accepts, but is completely baffled and jut in awe of you - after he stops his player ways and focuses his attention to you - and you find out he’s such a softie….needy very needy - cuddles in the common room are a must and he’ll never let you leave his arms - “Noooo, you’re NOT allowed to leave” - Sirius is very romantic and it’s very frequent that he spoils you and he dose it very casually as well - like James, Sirius always has an arm around you, wait, hips, around the shoulder.At first glance, the résumé looks like a professional one you would bring to a job interview.