Christian dating advice for guys

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Christian dating advice for guys - dating old wedding photos

Now look people - that was a joke:) The truth is, women are wonderful and the crowning glory of creatio, and whilst I am not a 'dating' or 'relationship' expert (I mean as Christians we're supposed to only have one successful relationship - a marriage - in our lives but life is not so simple - but how how one can be a 'relationship expert' as if we are meant to have dozens in order to be succesful doesn't make any sense as Christians), it's why I've taken the time to try to help you men treat them in a way they will appreciate most. are you trying to find a Christian girlfriend or are you blessed enough to already have one, or perhaps you have a loving wife already and you need a bit of help understanding her (to you) strange ways? well because, as a man the greatest thing outside salvation you could have is a beautiful wife that loves and supports you.If you're in the last two categories count yourself very fortunate and praise the Lord!!! Through her you will experience how giving is more fulfilling than recieving.

I am also qualified to address this topic because I am a pastor, and if anyone knows anything about dating, it is pastors.

Treat older women as mothers, younger women as sisters with absolute purity (1 Timothy 5:2). Spend time with her but do it in a coffee shop or at a restaurant where you’re much less likely to grope each other.” I say, “Go someplace public to be private.

You don’t fool around with your sister, because that’s nasty, right? I have to treat her like I would want someone to treat my baby sister.” What would that look like? I don’t try to take that from her or lead her like I’m her husband. Don’t square off into each other’s bedrooms, dorm rooms. Make no provision for the flesh.” You get out in the place where you can talk about things that are holy and good and encouraging because ultimately if you are going to marry her, that sexual desire, tension, all that’s good, but when you’re married, a good percentage of your time is just going to be hanging out.

But perhaps I am sadly behind the times and it happens often enough to warrant the inquiry.

I am uniquely qualified to talk about dating because I once successfully dated a girl who I managed to marry.

Audio Transcript What would I say to a young college man who’s dating a girl?

I would say that the impulse towards pairing off is good, it’s from the Lord. I think a lot of young men and young women want to create this unique semi-covenanted space that, under God, doesn’t really exist.

That, in point of fact, is always my major concern when the subject of “dating” comes up in Christian circles.

Christian dating can be tricky when trying to meet a great date who shares your Christian faith.

Respond as you wish: Though I feel that what I have to say might be taken as offensive, especially to those of you who were given the gift of being a female, I hope to offer it as perhaps a different take on this issue.

My prayer is that you will truly hear all of what I have to say first and attack it with a biblical mentality if the need arises to do so. I whole-heartedly agree with the qualities listed, and I feel that, likewise, a Christian man should look for similar qualities in a girl, though in different degrees and perhaps with different emphasis.

If you look at how God identifies relationships between men and women, if you’re in Christ, you’re either brother and sister, or you’re husband and wife. I would encourage a young man, if you’re interested in a girl, think she might be marriable, spend time with her, great.

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