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We give you the chance to meet others who loves flying and airplanes as much as you do.

Wells gave me a look inside this world, foreign to me but a kind of home to him.He plays for the Jets, he’s an amazing man, and, you know, he does his thing. That n—a gonna beat the hell out of me in an arm wrestling [match]. At the end of the day, he supports me whether a b—h was skinny, fat, off her rack, whatever.” When Tiff asks who would win between Sky and her boo in an arm wrestling match? With a job that sees them fly around the world, flight attendants have always had a glamorous image.It’s no wonder then that members of the cabin crew, and in particular air hostesses are in high demand when it comes to the dating scene.Perfect for the next stopover when you are alone in your hotel. The majority of our members are 25 years or older and have jobs in the aviation world.

Crewdating is the fastest growing website for people in uniform looking for dating and frienship.With that in mind we’ve come up with a few cabin crew dating tips for those looking to meet the people who take care of us at 30,000 feet.Being at the other side of the world from the person you’re dating can be testing but there’s no reason why your job should stop you from finding love.S.) to be part of a life he remembers as “magical” and a “dream.”He recalled one night when he was “on the tiller” and “all of a sudden, these torpedoes were coming toward the boat.” He realized they were dolphins aglow, thanks to bio-luminescence. Most members have some relation to aviation and use Crewdating to find others that work in aviation.Since reality TV fame and plastic surgery Sky may be getting more men in her DMs but she tells Tiffany Pollard, “If they didn’t love me before, don’t love me now.” In a bonus clip from Brunch with Tiffany, after giving Tiffany in depth of her breast augmentation Sky reveals that she’s got a new man and he’s a professional NFL baller who plays for the New York Jets. Watch the full episode of Brunch with Tiffany with Sky and Tiffany here!