Consolidating municipal services

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Consolidating municipal services

Both bodies were dissolved upon the full implementation of Proposition E.Proposition E established a seven-member board to govern the agency, its members appointed for fixed, staggered terms by the Mayor of San Francisco and subject to confirmation by the city and county's Board of Supervisors. The SFMTA Board of Directors is responsible for, among other things, hiring the agency's executive director.

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Deputy Executive Director Stuart Sunshine, a former aide to Mayor Frank Jordan and Mayor Willie Brown, and a former head of the Department of Parking and Traffic, served as acting executive director until January 17, 2006, when Nathaniel P.“Consolidation will be a big talking point for local politicians this year,” a story in The Grand Rapids Press noted recently.“As municipal budgets shrink, it’s seen as a no-brainer by many.” As we’ve been hearing more and more about the potential benefits of consolidation, which inevitably leads to greater centralization, we’ve thought back to dozens of past interviews with officials in cities and states that had made great efforts to decentralize their government functions.Many weekday riders are commuters, as the daytime weekday population in San Francisco exceeds its normal residential population. Most bus lines are scheduled to operate every five to fifteen minutes during peak hours, every five to twenty minutes middays, about every ten to twenty minutes from 9 pm to midnight, and roughly every half-hour for the late night "owl" routes.On weekends, most Muni bus lines are scheduled to run every ten to twenty minutes.Muni is an integral part of public transit in the city of San Francisco, operating 365 days a year and connecting with regional transportation services, such as Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), Caltrain, Sam Trans, Golden Gate Transit, and AC Transit.

Its network consists of 54 bus lines, 17 trolley bus lines, 7 light rail lines that operate above ground and in the city's lone subway tube (called Muni Metro), 3 cable car lines, and 2 heritage streetcar lines, the E Embarcadero and F Market.Ford, Sr., previously the general manager and CEO of MARTA in Atlanta, took over as the new executive director.On June 15, 2011, the SFMTA announced Ford would be leaving the agency effective June 30, 2011; shortly thereafter the SFMTA Board decided that Director of Administration, Taxis, and Accessible Services Debra A.However, complaints of unreliability, especially on less-often-served lines and older (pre-battery backup) trolleybus lines, are a system-wide problem.Muni has had some difficulty meeting a stated goal of 85% voter-demanded on-time service.Mayor and Council Statement on Immigration Executive Actions DECLARACIÓN DE LA ALCALDESA LIZ LEMPERT Y DEL CONSEJO DE PRINCETON FAQ ON PRINCETON’S THIRD ROUND AFFORDABLE HOUSING PLAN AND PROCESS Final Nassau Streetscape Design Guidelines Resolution Recommending Invasive Species Do Not Plant List Volunteer Application to Boards, Commissions and Committees Post-Election Statement from Mayor Liz Lempert and Princeton Council Mensaje de la alcaldesa Liz Lempert y el Consejo de Princeton The American Planning Association (APA) announced that Nassau Street in Princeton, New Jersey, has earned the “People’s Choice” designation as one of the Great Places in America in 2016. Princeton University and Princeton Fire Department Working Together to Protect the Community Video from the Planning Neighborhood & Zoning Initiative Meeting of September 27th Video September 19th Master Plan Committee Meeting – Princeton University Campus Plan Princeton University 2026 Campus Plan Princeton University Strategic Framework Princeton University gives town residents, officials update on development of 2026 Campus Plan 2016 Budget Newsletter Age Friendly Princeton Effective July 1, 2016, the Griggs Corner parking lot located at the corner of Witherspoon and Hulfish Street will no longer be operated by the municipality of Princeton.