Teaching patients and validating competency

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Teaching patients and validating competency

In traditional competency programs, competency is validated on hire and annually thereafter using skill stations.

There is no common definition of competence and no evidence for one best method to assess competence.In 2013, all residency programs at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences were renewed into a competency-based medical education curriculum.To assess the quality of clinical teaching in residency training, we chose the EFFECT (evaluation and feedback for effective clinical teaching) questionnaire designed and validated at the Radboud University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.This Quasi-experimental research was conducted on a single group of 31 nurses employed in hospitals affiliated with Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.We used a 125 MCQ knowledge test and Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) to measure knowledge and clinical competency of nurses in diabetes before and after intervention.E-learning is an indirect method of training that can meet nurses’ educational needs.

This study is aimed at validating a web-based diabetes education program through measurement of nurses’ knowledge and clinical competency in diabetes and nurses’ perception about its usability and quality.

It differs from other non-related approaches in that the unit of learning is extremely fine grained.

Rather than a course or a module every individual skill/learning outcome, known as a competency, is one single unit.

Each organization defines its processes to ensure staff competence.

Many of these efforts focus on measuring the nurse's capability to perform a particular skill, not on the nurse's overall ability to perform in a practice setting (Koncaba, 2007).

In this article, the authors discuss the components of an organizational validation strategy that includes clear definitions, selection of competencies, and responsibilities for initial and continuing competency assessment.

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