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Locals quickly began to complain of property damage and unseemly behavior, including one officer in a bathrobe who reportedly began brandishing his service pistol, and a line of policemen urinating together in public.

A representative for Berlin's police force later confirmed witness accounts that the officers had engaged in a weekend of revelry, including public sex acts, excessive drunkenness and misuse of firearms.

"This behavior is embarrassing for the Berlin police," spokesman Thomas Neuendorf told the Berliner Morgenpost.

Her parents and grandparents will probably speak one of the 250 dialects that exist in Germany, of which some of them, like Bavarian or Saxon, definitely sound like a different language.

So good luck learning German and another dialect that’s supposed to be German.

It is unclear how many of the offenders were officers and how many were locals, but Hamburg has asked all 220 police be sent home to Berlin.

The German parliament, or Bundestag, on Friday passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriages in a snap vote that made it onto the agenda before the summer break after a surprise shift by Chancellor Angela Merkel.We have to live up to our reputation of being precise and punctual because these words stand next to “German” in the dictionary!Consider yourself lucky if your girl speaks “Hochdeutsch” because if she has a dialect, she’d be harder to understand in English most likely and harder to understand in German as well.There are numerous internationally recognized proficiency exams available through our institute.Calling all recent graduates on the autism spectrum!We value diverse opinions in an intellectually stimulating environment where everyone has the chance to share in our success.