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The breakdown of these regimes, finally, started a period of painful reforms and a difficult transition to market economies, again at great social and demographic costs.

SESSION 81 Household Strategies in Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe: Coping with Demographic and Economic Shock Organisers S. Afontsev, Dr., Institute for World Economy and International Relations, Russia G. Kessler, Dr., International Institute of Social History, The Netherlands Address G. Kessler International Institute of Social History Cruquiusweg 31 1019 AT, Amsterdam, The Netherlands tel.: 31 20 6685866 fax: 31 20 6654181 e-mail: [email protected] For many of the countries of the part of the European Continent usually designated as Eastern Europe the twentieth century was a century marked by recurrent periods of severe material deprivation and demographic crises.The characters were well written and performed, every individual character fitted perfectly.The film had many scenes that were quite pointless but still quite funny for example the Seinfeld scene. I've never heard of them before but i certainly will look out for them now.Australia: M | Austria:10 | Brazil:12 | Canada: PG (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Ontario) | Canada: G (Quebec) | Denmark:11 | Finland: K-11 | France: Tous publics | Germany:12 | Ireland:12A | Italy: T | Japan: G | Malaysia: P13 | Netherlands:12 | New Zealand: M | Norway:11 | Portugal: M/12 | Singapore: PG | South Africa:13 | South Korea:15 | Spain: A | Sweden:11 | Switzerland:12 (canton of Geneva) | Switzerland:12 (canton of Vaud) | UK:12A | UK:12 (DVD rating) | USA: PG-13 (certificate #46082)In 2009 Edgar Wright started a year long photo blog where he would take at least one picture every day and post it on his website.Much of the cast and crew appeared in this daily photo blog while they were shooting, most of the time with no direct credit given and their faces partially obscured in some way.This article investigates deep conceptual affinities between diaries and cinema by reading Philippe Lejeune’s minimal definition of the diary as a “series of dated traces” against theories of film.

I propose to regard written testimonial traces and filmic documentary traces as indexes of different modes and complementary semiotic orders.Her body was found the next afternoon by a school staff member. Connie looked into the window well a couple more times on that visit December 10, but mostly she stood with her back to the hole, shivering in her navy blue all-weather coat. Tanya's brother Jason sidled up to his mom at one point during the ceremony and gave her a sideways hug.She was there for a memorial marking seven months since Tanya's death. "I say I'm not going to go back, but I guess I have to for the year anniversary. Connie wept silently and wiped at her nose with a balled-up white tissue while elder Doreen Bernard spoke.Following recent shifts of focus in labour history from the individual to the larger social entities in which individuals are embedded, the household is studied both as a locus of decision-making and as a social safety net which filters the socio-economic impact of crises.Participants Location and time: Room 12 Metsätalo building, 22 August 9.00-12.30 SESSION 82 The Question of the First EEC/EC Enlargement and the Other European Countries' Response, 1961-1973 Organisers Tapani Paavonen, Dr., University of Turku, Finland Hans Otto Frøland, Assoc.Recently She became ill and through an unfortunate turn of events she came down with a very rare condition called Scalded Skin Syndrome.

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