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By this time, less expensive, easier to produce Ambrotypes became popular.

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Pure Prairie League delivers two superb albums of down-home country rock, R&B/soul legends The Jimmy Castor Bunch display their melodic, gentler side in the classic 1973 offering Dimension III, while jazz fusioneers Return to Forever (led by ex-Miles Davis alumnus Chick Corea) and the Carlos Santana-Alice Coltrane alliance are represented by the albums Musicmagic and Illuminations respectively. For personal use only, may not be reproduced otherwise without permission.Tintype is the popular moniker for melainotype, which got its name from the dark color of the unexposed photographic plate, and ferrotype, named after the plate’s iron composition (for the record, tintypes contain no tin).Assembling a collection of family photographs became a popular tradition.Photograph albums began appearing in the early 1860s, starting a collecting activity that has lasted to the present time.The information, much of it unique, is taken from original cartes de visite and cabinet cards in the Victorian Image Collection. I loved the art work and the script of Augusta’s name and the design of the back of his pictures which leads me to new searches.

Information from other sources such as the UK census, trade advertisements and photographic ephemera is also available. Would the backs all have been out at the same time or changed as the years went by? There were over 70 photography studios in New York City in 1850 producing daguerreotypes.The Daguerreotype was the predominant means of photography until the late 1850s.and it spread throughout Europe and then quickly to America and the rest of the world.Each photograph was the size of a visiting card, and such photograph cards were traded among friends and visitors.Special thanks to Ken Layton for correcting errors and adding much information.

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